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    Perry Surfboats is a TEAM of talented staff PASSIONATE in the sport of surfboat rowing and DEDICATED to the INTEGRITY of their superior CRAFTSMANSHIP. 


    NR Perry


    Nathan, a fifth generation boat builder, began his shipwright career aged 16 in the same shed with Bob Miles. He began NR Perry Surfboats in 1996, with his maiden surfboat the ‘Ken Harbron’ for his first club South Curly.

    Nathan has enjoyed his rowing and sweeping career at South Curly and currently Mona Vale. His earlier highlights rowing Uncle Tobys with his best mates at Curly in 90’s, rowing Aussie finals, winning Bronze with his girls in huge seas in 2001, and recently sharing the Mona Vale Club’s glory winning double Championships.

    NR’s season highlights are watching numerous crews in finals achieve performance results at State & Aussies, with his career highlight watching six consecutive years Open Men’s crews win Gold in a ‘Perry Surfboat’.

    Nathan’s proudest career achievement has been as a witness to his boats acclaim full podium 1st, 2nd, 3rd and wins to an unsurpassed five titles at a National Titles.

    Kelly Marsh

    Born into a surfboat cultured family, Kelly was destined for this role. Competing in all aspects of surf lifesaving from R&R to IRB, Kelly’s been associated with Perry Surfboats since meeting NR in 2001 when she joined his crew and well the rest is history!  Since joining the team full time in 2009, Kelly has a solid appreciation of the manufacturing process and enjoys the complete build of each boat & the journey they begin.

    Kelly’s earliest surfboat memory was travelling for the 1983 World Titles as a 3 year old to Hawaii & USA with her parents and the Sawtell crew. Her Uncle Ron Michie built surfboats with both Billy Clymer & Roger Ninham in the 70’s. With her mother Leanne a keen surfboat and club supporter, and father Kim competing in crews throughout her childhood, Kelly has a solid background in the sport and its culture, which she believes has been the foundation of her passion for the surfboat as an iconic product.  Kelly is enjoying her hands on approach in recent years in the construction process and is keen to nurture her passion for the sport further.

    Our History

    NR Perry Surf Boats was established immediately after the 1996 Australian Championships. National titles that will be remembered by many for it's massive surf and conditions of epic proportions. Nathan Perry was inundated with requests from surfclubs all over the state of New South Wales to repair smashed up boats and oars damaged in such savage surf.

    It was around this time that the South Curl Curl SLSC, where Nathan was a member, rower and sweep, asked him to construct their new surfboat for the coming Aussie Titles. Over the winter months Nathan put many hours of thought into the design (inside and out) of the new make of boat. The boat was a "one off" foam sandwich boat built on a male mould in much the same way the traditional timber hulls were constructed.

    This boat was christened the "Ken Harbron" after long time member and Life Member of the South Curl Curl club. The club at the time was blessed with an abundance of crews, mainly "A" rowers, and over the next three months had a great deal of success in the new boat. Ultimately the South Curl Curl "Gold" crew, swept by Chris "Ribs" Flemming, also with Nathan Perry rowing in the bow, had the most success competing in both the State and Australian Open Boat finals.

    It was after this success with the Ken Harbron, that a few more clubs took an interest with the ability Nathan had to build "one off" boats. This meant the ability to be flexible with hull shape, rigging and interior design.

    In the 1997-98 season two more clubs ordered new boats from Perry Surfboats. Long Reef, South Curl Curl ordered their second boat and of course the Mythical "Ghost" named after Neil Tucker was constructed for North Narrabeen. This was to be the year the "Perry" boats won their first Open Boat title, also with Nathan Perry at the age of 25 - probably one of the youngest builders ever to win an Australian title let alone the prestigious Open Boat.

    After the success of the North Narrabeen open crew at the 1998 State and Australian Championships, Perry Surf Boats constructed a female mould from the "Ghost". This would ensure all boats constructed would be of the same hull shape and rigging. Also then, a much more consistent and superior moulded finish could be achieved.

    Slowly but surely the N.R. Perry clientele became larger and surfclubs Australia wide were enjoying "Ghost" designed surfboats. The rigging and comfort for both rowers and sweep was becoming apparent.

    Perry Surfboats has gone about refining the "Ghost" hull design making the craft suitable for any crew.

    With added flair in the bow section of the boat and a well designed self-bailing system, Perry boats have designed the boat perfect for any conditions, from dead flat water to the Queensland conditions we compete for the Australian title every year at Kurrawa.

    In recent years, Perry Surf Boats designed and developed a "fully moulded" gunwale and interior system. Perfectly rigged to suit all crews and easily adjusted if the need be for the not so average rower. This gives a completely consistent and perfectly finished moulded interior with the best self-bailing and water dumping capabilities on the market!

    Perry Surfboats is located at Brookvale in the very strong Sydney Northern Beaches (Manly-Warringah) Surf Life Saving Branch.
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